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Past Life Regression Therapy

Past Life Regression Therapy

One-on-one sessions available in Berlin and online via Skype.

Single session /  €150

There can be other possible explanations for what is perceived as a 'past life' memory. Some believe that we tap into the 'collective unconscious' when we access a past life memory. Some people believe that the mind uses its own imagination to create an experience to deal with challenging issues and to gain resolution and heal. For many others, reincarnation is real, with karmic contracts, agreements and actions from the past that might affect us in our current lives.


It is important to understand that all beliefs are valid from the perspective of the believer. It does not matter what is real or not. Simply put, as long as you are able to resolve your issue and heal, moving forward with your life, it does not matter.


Past Life Regression Therapy can be a transformative and liberating process for you, whether you believe in past lives or not. Just by surrendering and allowing the experience to unfold, most people who experience Past Life Regression find resolution, healing and insight in ways that they had not expected and have never experienced before.


The past life regression is approximately a 2-3 hour session.  The first 15 to 20 minutes is the intake, where we discuss your current life.  Whatever lifetime you go back to will be related in some way to what you're learning in this life.  The rest of the session is spent in hypnosis. You'll be guided to a scene in a former lifetime. Your soul is in charge and will take you to whatever life can be most healing and insightful for you.  We'll explore several scenes at different points of the former life, culminating at the death scene. Then we review the life to process, heal and understand it. The session can be recorded. 

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