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"Marie made me feel completely secure during the hypnosis. She helped me deal with my anxiety and I feel so much better now. Thanks for changing my life Marie!"

Anna, Osby, Sweden

"After ten years of smoking and many failed attempts, Marie and her hypnosis therapy finally helped me escape the vicious nicotine trap. Highly recommended!"

Toby Arsalan, Berlin, Germany

"I had to defence myself in a foreign language and through hypnosis Marie gave me tools to feel confident and secure about my abilities. The meeting went well. I was nervous, but not anxious like I would normally be."

Dan Levy, Berlin, Germany

“Marie has been a life saver for me. I was a little apprehensive to start hypnotherapy but the way Marie guides you to reach your peaceful self is a beautiful experience. I’ve been suffering from sleeplessness for the longest time and Marie’s therapy has not only helped me in correcting my sleeping pattern, also she has hugely influenced me to take up Hatha Yoga. I am in a very good place right now and ever grateful for her contribution in finding my inner peace.”

Rupsa, Bangalore, India

“Marie read my chart over dinner, spontaneously without any preparations. It’s obvious she’s very knowledgeable and passionate in the field of astrology. A very pleasant and interesting experience. Would recommend it to anyone (even semi-sceptics like myself)!”

Lisa Torkelson, Lund, Sweden

“Marie is naturally talented for healing. It makes you feel surrounded by peace and confidence. As a therapist, she is totally with you in the session, guiding you carefully. Even just talking to her in the first part of the session is already very stimulating.”

Tomas, Berlin, Germany

"Marie has such a healing presence and is surrounded by a peaceful energy that instantly makes you feel comfortable and at ease, creating a safe space. It’s noticeable that her intentions to help are pure so that I felt very secure and knew that whatever emotions come up during a session are safe with her. Besides that, she is a very down to earth person who won’t judge, which was also  important for me in order to be able to open up. Due to more complicated health issues I couldn’t continue my appointments, but am looking forward to come back as soon as it is possible for me again. I would always recommend her!"

Melissa, Berlin, Germany

"Marie is a truly inspiring human with heart-warming energy, filling you with trust from the first moment you meet her. She guided me through a hypnosis session where we dived into past lives, trying to answer questions I had about purpose and meaning. Thanks to this, I could better accept my true self and made changes in my everyday life which helped me achieve inner peace and balance. Can’t thank her enough!"

Eleanna, Berlin, Germany

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